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Ice Skating Dresses – What to Wear When You Go Skating

March 7, 2013

When we talk about to ice skating, most skaters are normally novices who are out to have fun whilst skating out on the ice. You will find that most novice skaters will wear most types of clothing as long as it’s warm and comfortable during their skating sessions. However, when it comes to professional or competitive skating then specific types of ice Skating Dresses are worn depending on the occasion or contest style.

Generally the more professional skater will have consulted with skating experts to ensure that the right type and style of outfit is chosen for a particular competition; as well as finding the best type of ice skating dresses to wear during their daily training sessions and practices.

How should you dress for professional / amateur Ice Skating Contests?

1) When it comes to your ice skating outfits; you must consult with a dressmaker before purchasing your competitions clothing. Your dressmaker can tailor-make, cut, color and textile to your own specifications and tailor-make your dresses and outfits to best fit your needs for both practice and competition.

2) You have to ensure that you don’t spend your hard earned money on cheap ice skating tights, always ensure that you buy ‘ONLY’ top quality tights for your practice skating sessions and competitions. High quality tights ensure that you always stay warm and they won’t tear if you slip or fall during a training session or routine.

3) Always have more than one or two training outfits. Preferably have four to five sets including Ice Skating Dresses and Quality legging. For male skaters ensure that you have substantial stocks of fitted tops and leggings to wear.

4) You must ensure that your competition blades have been re-sharpened prior to the event or competition. This will ensure that during the competition you reduce the amount of friction generated during your manoeuvres and also ensure that you move faster and with a lot more precision during your routine.

5) When you are not skating and off the ice you must cover your skating blades with either a cover or a blade guard, this will protect your blades. These are available from a number of sources and comes in various guises including plain design to extremely decorative ranges.

How should you dress when you go casual Ice Skating?

1) Don’t make the mistake of wearing bulky and thick clothing, you will overhead after a short period on the ice. The secret to staying warm is to wear thin layers of clothing, so as you skate you will gradually warm up even though it may feel a rather chilly when you first start off on the ice.

2) Ensure that your are wearing long trousers and long sleeves to cushion against any minor fails but also to ensure that your stay warm during your skate.

3) It’s always a good choice to also take a pair of gloves with you as you would if you went out during the winter months. This protects your hands when skating and stops the dreaded icy fingers.

4) Ensure that if you have long hair that you tie it back. You hair could get could up in some one skates if you fall or simply obstruct your view as you skate. You could also wear a hat which will also help to keep your head nice and cosy as well as help to keep your hair out of your face.

5) If you taking young children skating you should dress them with extra padding style clothes and possibly even elbow pads and a protective helmet.

6) if you do not like wearing a woolly hat for you fun skating session then it may be worth considering taking some ear muffs along with you to keep you ears nice and warm as you skate. You can find these in a variety of jazzy colours and pattern and you will find a pair to suit your personality. If I can then you can also.

So whether your skating for fun or skating for competition you need to organise you clothing before you skate but as always make sure you have fun.

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